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About Comoran

Founded in 1975, Comoran Pty Ltd was a 50% owner of Infomatics Pty Ltd which became the leading supplier of computer service for Advertising Agencies and Media Consultants in Australia and New Zealand. Regarded by the industry as a pioneer in the application of computer technology to the business needs of this market segment, Infomatics had IBM mainframe equipment in both Melbourne and Sydney and a telecommunications network which reached from Auckland NZ to Perth WA.

In late 1992, we were contacted by a Company which had just installed a new ERP system from one of the major suppliers of such systems. They had identified a gap in the range of capabilities of the new ERP system - it did not include any facilities to handle Promotion Planning and Trade Spend Control. We were commissioned to design and implement a system to fill the gap and interface to the rest of their ERP system.

Subsequently, we discovered that this gap exists in all of the major ERP systems and our Account Manager system was launched. Today, Account Manager is used by companies who have SAP, JDE, BPICS and Baan as their ERP systems and we are ready to handle MfgPro and Movex.

A natural progression was to provide a downstream system to monitor Promotion Compliance in stores and so, our Field Management System (FMS) was born. FMS now provides additional facilities to check Stock Levels, monitor Facings, record Shelf Prices and (if required) take Orders.

Comoran currently supports all versions of Microsoft Windows, Windows CE and Pocket PC, handheld, laptop and desktop computers. Comoran's software applications deliver improved customer satisfaction, increased incremental sales, faster time to market and tremendous return on investment.

As a result of our on-going investment in research and development and our strategic alliances we can offer Turnkey Installations and Facilities Management of the required computer hardware for companies who want to implement our systems in-house but do not have IT resources available to devote to the project. Alternatively, we can provide our systems through an Application Service Provider (ASP) arrangement.

Either way, we provide solutions that combine the robust technology of a customised solution with the ease of use of product standardisation.