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Field Management System

The Opportunity

The grocery landscape is changing and is going to continue to change this we know. The question is how is the industry and more importantly how is your company going to adapt to these changes.

A recent white paper by Graham Correy and Allan Watkinson of Price Waterhouse Coopers entitled "The Australia Grocery Industry in 2005 - Opportunities for growth through information based strategic alliances" takes a look at the way the industry can change to better meet consumer demands, both present and future.

Use your pocket pc for

  • Elimination of ALL paper
  • Sending and receiving emails
  • Minimal entry call cards
  • Display store-specific pianograms
  • Daily call plan
  • Diary, Word, Excel, Internet Explorer
  • ALL mobile phone facilities

Information is not lacking within the grocery industry however with such a myriad of information being captured it is important to identify what information needs to be collected and how it can be used to create value. The report suggests that there are three types of information needed to build a knowledge base for competitive advantage.

  • How to generate consumer value,
  • How to measure it, and
  • How to manage the supply chain.

The report also suggests that the benefits for utilising quality information can be summarised in the following bullet points.

  • The ability to tailor value-added solutions through a deeper understanding of the consumer.
  • Gain loyalty.
  • Maximise category profitability.
  • Make quicker and better decisions on issues such as space, assortment, price, and promotion.
  • Identify and quantify the amount of improvement available within the supply chain for each trading partner.
  • Trigger events such as automatic replenishment requests based on demand and inventory levels to reduce out and over stocks.
  • Maximise opportunities by spreading marketing activities over all trading days rather than the traditional Mon to Fri syndrome.

The current systems used to collect data from the field sales team are extremely traditional and primarily paper-driven. The information collected has to be manually collated and disseminated to respective personnel, which is quite labor and time expensive.

The Field Management System provides a vehicle for each of these needs and will allow personnel to make quicker and more financially optimal trade investment decisions.

Each Sales Representative/Merchandiser, Field Sales Manager and National/State Account Manager within your company will use the system to do the following:

  • Enter and analyse the status quo of all company activities by stores visited.
  • Model the impact of the promotional program compliance by demographic area.
  • Dynamically modify the current data collection process from the Field Sales Team.
  • Track status of competitive activity by store location.
  • Create shelf stock and promotional stock orders by store.
  • Monitor shelf management compliance by store.
  • Monitor product distribution and number facings by store.
  • Ensure sales and marketing strategies are being adhered to.
  • Create and monitor specific objectives for each operative.
  • Ensure efficiencies of scale are maintained and revised on a regular basis.
  • Provide even more meaningful reports.

Each Marketing Manager and Product Manager will use the system to do the following:

  • See the promotional compliance in play for brands - and to see if these are consistent with agreed promotional strategies to support brand awareness.
  • See the chief impacts on marketing contribution as a result of strategies used.
  • Model the impact of brand specific strategies verses competitor's strategies.

Other people will use the system as follows:

  • Provide a detailed timesheet for non-full time employees.
  • QC to use the system to relay information regarding consumer complaints.
  • Provide an effective method of payment for "In-Store" promotional activity. Quick and easy email facilities to all operators.